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1. In Fig. 2-2, three process states are shown. In theory, with three states. There could be six transitions, two out of each state. However, only four transitions are shown. Are there any circumstances in which either or both of the missing transitions might occur?

2. Suppose that you were to design an advanced computer architecture that did process switching in hardware, instead of having interrupts. What information would the CPU need? Describe how the hardware process switching might work.

3. On all current computers, at least part of the interrupt handlers are written in assembly language. Why?

4. When an interrupt or a system call transfers control to the operating system, a kernel stack area separate from the stack of the interrupted process is generally used. Why?

5. In the text it was stated that the model of Fig. 2-6(a) was not suited to a file server using a cache in memory. Why not? Could each process have its own cache?

6. In Fig. 2-7 the register set is listed as a per-thread rather than a per-process item. Why? After all, the machine has only one set of registers.

7. If a multithreaded process forks, a problem occurs if the child gets copied of all the parent’s threads. Suppose that one of the original threads was waiting for keyboard input. Now two threads are waiting for keyboard input, one in each process. Does this problem over occur in single-threaded process?

8. In Fig. 2-10, a multithreaded Web server is shown. If the only way to read from a file is the normal blocking read system call, do you think user-level threads or kernel-level threads are being used for the Web server? Why ?

9. Why would a thread ever voluntarily give up the CPU by calling thread_yield? After all since there is no periodic clock interrupt, it may never get the CPU back.

10. Can a thread ever be preempted by a clock interrupt? If so, under what circumstances? If not, why not?

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